Damon Wood

Smoking Section and SF Thrash Funk Retrospective

February 25th, 2014

Catching up on things, I was contacted by local comic, commentator and podcaster Nato Green for an interview about the good old Thrash Funk scene. We conducted the interview at Au Cocquelet, the most appropriate place for a discussion about the origins of the Smoking Section.

Nato Green’s podcast can be found here.

Smoking Section video

May 26th, 2011

Located here.

Driving: Smoking Section songs

May 17th, 2007

Funny. I drove to work today, and as I usually do I picked up a pair of passengers at the BART station to carpool with.

As any of you who do the Casual Carpool thing probably know, there aren’t really any rules about what to play on the car stereo during the ride, though the default seems to be NPR. These days I can’t stand NPR, so when I’m by myself I listen to KPFA; but when I have passengers on their way to work, I philosophically feel that it’s not my job or right to fill their heads up with news or opinion of any stripe. (I wish all drivers felt this way. Especially the ones who listen to AM talk radio. Yikes.) So I like to play music instead. Let them get mad at the news on their own time. I’d rather help them start their day neutrally and peacefully with some good music.

(It’s obvious that I’m over-thinking this. I think I’m turning into Kramer from Seinfeld. If I’m not careful I’ll start cooking up ways to provide my passengers with hot espresso and Le Monde.)


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