Damon Wood

Engine 88, Haight St. Fair, 1995

May 14th, 2014

Evidence has been revealed that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Engine 88 actually existed and made noise. I don’t know the poster of these videos, but I am thankful to them because, aside from the very crunchy-sounding video of the 2006 reunion show, I had been completely unaware of any motion-picture leftovers of good ol’ Engine. Here’s a link to the playlist.¬†6 songs, embedded below.


The songs include Pelican, Funny Car, Istanbul, Mangoes, Ballerina and GTO. Istanbul and Ballerina’s presence is¬†interesting because this is right before the release of Clean Your Room… we’d apparently already moved on to our next set of songs before we’d even given the first round a proper tour.

Good stuff.

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