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Enzo’s walkin’

June 27th, 2007

EnzoI’ve got a bit of catching up to do on the news, and there’s a bit to tell.

First of all, Enzo started walking last week, on June 19th. I actually just missed his first steps by mere moments, but his Uncle Drew was an active participant:

So, picking Lauren up tonight, got the usual huge smile from Enzo and
the “come pick me up!” invitation… held him for a couple minutes,
then proceeded to try and round Lauren up.

A few minutes later, distracted conversation, and I found myself a
few feet away from Linda, who was facing me with Enzo, both of them
looking at me, and I noticed the pitch of Linda’s voice changing…
Enzo standing up on two feet, hands held by Linda, he looked like he
had a little motor of determination running inside him… Linda
saying “oh my goodness Andrew if he walks to you…” and just then at
that moment he launched off and took four very confidant steps right
at me, unsupported, smiling at me the whole time. Landing in my
arms. Linda, Lauren, Frieda and me all cheering for him. Enzo
grinning a huge grin and clapping along with us. He repeated the
performance of about 4 steps again to me, and once to Lauren.

Wow! I feel super blessed to have been there for that. Thanks Enzo.

I think I was actually next door at the time, removing my shoes and taking a breath before going over to my parents’ to pick up the kids a minute later. Enzo did his thing again, pretty much as described above. Since then there seems to be a bit of a cost/benefit analysis going on in his mind, while he weighs the actual advantages of this new skill; he definitely likes walking around while hold onto big people’s fingers, and he can stand for a long time unassisted now. I guess it’s pretty typical to ease into the full-blown deal.

The main thing Enzo’s doing now, however, is talking like crazy. Not that he was ever a shrinking violet, but this week he’s Mr. Personality. Loooong sentences, and it’s really clear that he gets way more of what is being said to him now. He nods his head when he means yes. He is, of course, a brilliant little boy.


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