Damon Wood

Just to clarify

May 9th, 2008

I’m not that Damon Wood.

It’s hilarious and ironic, though. Imagine my bemusement: having had this fantasy for years that one day I’d be called (by, I don’t know, whoever makes those calls) to play in James Brown’s band… and then discovering one day that James Brown’s band did, in fact, fill that slot toward the end with some other blond white-boy guitarist named Damon Wood.

Would it… drive you nuts? Make you quietly giggle with the delusional certainty that the universe has played a very small and personal prank on you? Does the universe use The Google? Or does it just punish you for running one too many vanity searches?

What are the odds? Apparently, 100%.

Oh well. At least Prince* is still around… and I’ll bet he’s desperate for my help! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to clear that up for a while. I’m sure the music world will breathe a huge collective sigh of relief.

So, Damon: right on, bro! I mean, the other Damon.

*EDIT 2018: Ugh, my heroes are checking out left and right.


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